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Fierce Foundress

Connecting Women Business Owners & Entrepreneurs of Superior’s South Shore

It Takes a Fierce Woman to Build A Business in the Northwoods

The south shore of Lake Superior is a unique place. And it’s not just the awe-inspiring physical beauty of the area. There’s an uncommon sense of community amongst the residents. We like to think that’s borne from a combination of the farming & fishing roots of the area and the isolation of being many, many miles from any urban area.

Making a living up here requires grit, determination, and often quite a bit of creativity. Which has resulted in an unusually large number of women who support themselves & their families via businesses they’ve built from the ground up. 

It takes guts to be your own lady boss. That’s what we settled on Fierce Foundress as our name. Whether you’re a farmer, gardener, chef, artist, carpenter, consultant, or (in our case) designer, you’re an entrepreneur. And that’s fabulously fierce!


Connecting women business owners & entrepreneurs with other women in the area, leveraging the power of shared networks to expand opportunities and create business growth.


Running a business can be all-consuming and as a result, often leads to feeling isolated. Connect with other entrepreneurs and get the support that comes from women who’ve “been there, done that” too.


The South Shore is rich with women with extensive experience and a wide range of business interests. Fierce Foundress creates opportunities to give and receive mentoring. We’re stronge & fiercer together, sharing our knowledge, skills & experience!

We're Stronger & Fiercer Together

Expanding Opportunities, Building Relationships, Supporting Growth & Success

Whether you work the land or the lake, work at a desk, stovetop, or counter, starting & running a business is a tough job. The Fierce Foundress connects the dynamic & fabulous women business owners & entrepreneurs on Superior’s South Shore. 

The Fierce Foundress Organization

We decided to start the Fierce Foundress after we realized how many incredible women were starting & running businesses in this tiny part of the country. And yet, many of us don’t know each other. We believe incredible things can happen just by connecting “foundresses” to each other and unleashing the power & energy all of us fierce foundresses possess.

What’s This Organization All About?

The Fierce Foundress is centered on a simple idea:

By connecting & gathering the amazing women business owners & entrepreneurs who live in the northwoods, we can:

  • Leverage each other’s networks
  • Get support, input, and advice
  • Receive and give mentoring
  • And above all, help each other to achieve our goals and experience greater success!

The Fierce Foundress will kick off with an initial meeting of interested members, and expand to include a business directory, semi-formal mentoring program, and plenty of opportunities to laugh, share experiences, and help each other.